Podcast on the future of US Healthcare and EFIRM

17 June 2022

Dr. Charles Strom, MD PhD was recently featured in the Bloomberg Master’s of Business Podcast. This podcast overviews Dr. Strom’s career in medical testing and gives insight into the past, present, and future landscape of medicine in the United States. Featured in the podcast is Dr. Stroms’ work at Liquid...

Latest EFIRM Applications (COVID-19 and Agriculture)

07 February 2022

In view of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the EFIRM technology has been on the cutting edge of helping work towards the resolution of the crisis. Read about a recent application of the EFIRM technology for mRNA COVID-19 vaccinations in saliva in the respected Journal of Immunology: Journal of Immunology from...

Cancer Treatment Monitoring with EFIRM

03 July 2021

MDPI cancers has recently published an exciting paper regarding liquid biopsy and its potential applications in therapeutic treatment monitoring. A cohort of 22 lung cancer subjects with samples taken periodically over a period of 61 to 272 days was evaluated with EFIRM, NGS, and ddPCR. This publication was a project...

EFIRM for Lung Cancer: Latest Update (3 Papers)

24 July 2020

Three exciting new papers have been published on the EFIRM technology, continuing to show EFIRM’s immense viability as a tool for liquid biopsy of cancer. EFIRM for Monitoring of Lung Cancer Mutations In a work spearheaded by Dr. Ning Li[1] in collaboration with the NIH/National Cancer Institute, EFIRM was used...

EFIRM for Mitochondrial DNA Detection

23 January 2020

EZLife has recently had its work in mitochondrial DNA profiling in meat samples published in the Analytical Chimica Acta. As opposed to traditional technologies that require the meat to be homogenized, DNA extracted, and run on qPCR, the EFIRM technique is extremely simple, requiring only a simple immersion in an...

EFIRM Passes Qualification Test for EGFR Liquid Biopsy

10 April 2019

April 10th, 2019 - EZLife Bio and UCLA recently completed a major milestone in the advancement of EFIRM liquid biopsy, completing initial CLIA-LDT qualification tests in collaboration with the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at the UCLA School of Medicine. This completion is a major milestone, demonstrating that EFIRM is a highly...

EZLife Bio featured in GenomeWeb

20 November 2018

EZLife Bio’s recent research initiative with the UCLA School of Dentistry was recently featured on genomeweb. Read about how our new initiative with the UCLA School of Dentistry and UCLA School of Medicine can help transform lung cancer screening.

EZLife Bio 2018 Trade Show Wrapup

13 November 2018

EZLife Bio recently wrapped up its trade shows for the year. We covered a lot of different tradeshows. Here are some fun highlights from all our recent trade shows. EZLife Bio’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Wei Liao, explaining the EFIRM platform and technology to customers at the 256th National Meeting...

EFIRM for Early Stage Cancer Detection: Journal of Molecular Diagnostics Publication

15 October 2018

EZLife Bio, in collaboration with the UCLA School of Dentistry recently published a groundbreaking study on using EFIRM for detection of early stage plasma samples. Using a clinical cohort from National Cheng Kung University Hospital (成大醫院),EFIRM was able to achieve unprecedenented sensitivity and specificity on detecting EGFR mutations in a...

National Cancer Institute Funds U01 Consortium between UCLA and EZLife Bio

01 October 2018

NIH-NCI has recently awarded 5 million to UCLA in order to study EFIRM early stage lung cancer screening! This news was featured on the UCLA Newsroom This U01 is an academic industrial partnership between UCLA and EZLife Bio. EZLife Bio will provide critical support on all instrumentation development and automation...