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EFIRM technology is featured as the cover article of Clinical Cancer Research (2009)

EFIRM EGFR test results are published in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (November 2014).


EFIRM: Non-invasive Genetic Tests

World's first genetic test kit that can directly measure ctDNA in blood without DNA extraction and PCR amplification.

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Non-Invasive Liquid Biopsy

Genetic Mutation Detection

EZlife Bio Inc. (abbr. EZlife Bio) is a diagnostics company founded by Dr. Wei Liao. EZlifeBio’s core technology originated from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and has been featured as the cover article in both “Clinical Cancer Research” (2009) and “Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine” (2013) journals. Noninvasive precision tumor gene detection, which EZlifeBio specializes in, has been praised by the US government as one of top 10 potentials game-changers in biotech.

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Our Solution - Precision DNA Detection Products
The world’s first apparatus which needs no tumor tissue sample but only 1ml of venous blood sample from patients. Samples do not require DNA extraction and amplification, and the results can be directly obtained.
EFIRM Liquid Biopsy Noninvasive Precision DNA Detection Apparatus

The EZlifeBio platform is the world’s first direct detection liquid biopsy instrument. Using a small volume of blood, the EZlifeBio provides fast, convenient and extremely sensitive testing of oncogenic mutations.

  •        The world's first
  •        High accuracy measurement
  •        Direct detection
  •        World’s leading role
  •        Fast and convenient process
  •        The prototype has passed the test
  •        Automatically completed by the apparatus
  •        Finalized design by EZlife Bio
Our Core Technologies
The world’s first technology which needs no tumor tissue sample but only 1ml of venous blood sample from patients. Samples do not require DNA extraction and amplification.
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Scientific Papers

This technology was reported on July 1st, 2009 by “the Clinical Cancer Research” as the cover article, and praised as the top potential technology in 2009 as well.
Results of clinical trials of the first lung cancer DNA detection kit was published on November 15th, 2014 by “the Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine” as the cover article, and selected as the most influent research achievement in 2014 as well.
Our Team
Dr. Wei Liao
CEO of EZlifeBio
Postdoctoral Scholar in Bioengineering at University of Pittsburg (2006). Researcher at UCLA School of Dentistry(2007). Vice President of AQS in Silicon Valley (2011-2014). Chief designer of EFIRM core technology and prototype.
Dr. David Wong
Expert in Biomarkers and Non-Invasive Diagnostics
Felix and Mildred Yip Professor at UCLA. Associate Dean of Research at UCLA. Director of UCLA Center for Oral/Head and Neck Oncology Research. World-class early detection and biomarker research scientist. Published over 230 scientific papers and co-authored 16 patents.
Dr. Fang Wei
Expert in Clinical Biosensor Development
PhD from Peking University Department ofChemistry (2003). Adj. Assistant Professor at UCLA.
Dr. Feng Li
Expert in DNA/RNA Biology
PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular biology from Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (2003). Assistant Researcher at UCLA.
Dr. David Chia
Expert in Early Cancer Detection Research
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UCLA. Member of the Early Detection Research Network (EDRN), a National Cancer Institute initiative.
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