EFIRM Passes Qualification Test for EGFR Liquid Biopsy

April 10th, 2019 - EZLife Bio and UCLA recently completed a major milestone in the advancement of EFIRM liquid biopsy, completing initial CLIA-LDT qualification tests in collaboration with the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at the UCLA School of Medicine.

This completion is a major milestone, demonstrating that EFIRM is a highly reproducible and stable platform for perform liquid biopsy directly from patient specimens. Instead of taking large volumes of blood, EFIRM is a technology that can enable the rapid detection of lung cancer related mutations directly from a drop of blood or saliva. Any clinically viable test must pass qualification as a CLIA-LDT, and EFIRM’s EGFR Liquid Biopsy achieving this is a major roadmark for transforming molecular diagnostics!

From left to right: Drs. David Wong, Charles Strom, Michael Tu, Paul Krebsbach (Dean), Richard Bender, and Josh Deignan. Dr. Michael Tu is the R&D Director of EZLife Bio Inc.

Read more about it at the UCLA School of Dentistry website

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