New Article on COVID-19 Variants and EFIRM

Waves of COVID-19 in the past year have brought to the attention of the scientific community the different variants of COVID-19. Whether it is the current (at the time of writing) Omicron variant or some other future variant, there are questions on how these different strains affect COVID-19 immunity in vaccinated populations. Would additional doses help? Would reengineering the mRNA vaccines improve performance? These are a number of questions that are being actively discussed.

EFIRM is a technology that offers promise for profiling for COVID-19 variants. A recent work from UCLA and Liquid Diagnostics LLC using the EFIRM platform explores the nature of these variants and their immunity. Using the saliva of vaccinated and convalescent subjects, EFIRM was able to assist in profiling whether there are changes in reactivity between COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 S1 antibodies and different COVID-19 variants.

Read more about it at Immunohorizons Journal

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