EFIRM for Early Stage Cancer Detection: Journal of Molecular Diagnostics Publication

EZLife Bio, in collaboration with the UCLA School of Dentistry recently published a groundbreaking study on using EFIRM for detection of early stage plasma samples. Using a clinical cohort from National Cheng Kung University Hospital (成大醫院),EFIRM was able to achieve unprecedenented sensitivity and specificity on detecting EGFR mutations in a cohort of stage I and stage II NSCLC lung cancer patients.

This performance has never been achieved before, and traditional technologies such as NGS or ddPCR have been estimated to need above 10mL of plasma in order to achieve detection of early stage ctDNA. The EFIRM platform, with it’s novel and proprietary technology for detecting ctDNA allows a rapid and efficent detection with only 20uL of sample permutation!

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