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Efficient development with rapid turnaround.

EZLife Bio offers a wide selection of customizable test solutions from nucleic acid to protein- based assays for academic, translational and clinical researches. The in-house experts work with customers every step of the way to ensure to ensure successful test development and implementation. Using the proprietary EFIRM technology, EZLife Bio’s services provide guaranteed quality and turnaround time.

Whether you want to target a new an emerging biomarker, or you want to adapt an existing test kit into the EFIRM platform, EZLife Bio has the staff and team ready to support your new initiatives.

Services Include

  • Panel Design: Team members will research material seources, budget, and develop a screening study.
  • Reagent Formulation: Optimization of assay conditions and experimental protocol will be performed by biochemical staff.
  • Customizable Report: PhD-level team will prepare a scientific report explaining results and next steps.


Benefits of Partnering with EZLife Bio

Partnering with EZLife Bio to develop EFIRM assays is the best solution for revolutionizing your IVD test portfolio.

  • Expert Development Staff: A team of PhD-level personnel with decades of development and optimization experience are always ready to support and guide your development process.
  • Rapid Assay Development: EFIRM's EFIRM platform allows for rapid screening of molecules, allowing for a significant reduction in the time needed for traditional development of assays.
  • Complete Test System: You're not just buying an assay, you're buying a total system! EZLife Bio will generate requisite proof of concept data and also license all of it's software and hardware to your team.

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