Rethinking molecular diagnostics

Accurate. Non-invasive. Rapid

EFIRM (electric field induced release and measurement) is EZLife Bio's ecosystem for performing accurate genetic disease testing. EFIRM is robust, rapid, PCR-free,and DNA extraction free: electrochemical biosensors are effectively leveraged to streamline testing.

Only a drop (20 uL) of patient sample is needed to achieve nearly perfect detection of ctDNA targets in as little as 30 minutes. EZLife Bio is poised to reshape and radically simplify how genetic testing is done.

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EFIRM: A complete ecosystem for molecular detection

EZLife Bio's platform offers a total solution for biomolecular detection. The Oasis Saliva Collector allows for rapid, non-invasive collection of saliva. The saliva can then be placed in the EFIRM96 Hybridization Device for rapid detection of biomarkers. Finally, this data can be uploaded to the EZLife EasyData platform for rapid data and reporting.

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EFIRM: Versatility and power combined

Health Monitoring

Non-invasively monitoring of cancer biomarkers to track treatment response and recurrence

Disease Screening

Unparalled ability to detect biomarkers, even in stage I and stage II cancer

Non-Invasive Detection

The only liquid-biopsy platform to work on both blood and saliva

Pathogen Analysis

E.Coli and TB can be easily analyzed from a small amount of specimen

Lifestyle and Beauty

Allows easy measurement of hormone and health indicators

Life Science Research

Versatile detection of a wide panel of novel markers

Global Health

Capable of being deployed in limited resource settings

Chemical Analysis

Easy to use platform for analytical chemistry and nanotechnology research

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Our team

Our team of scientists and physicians is ready to work with you to explore new research and clinical applications to EFIRM.

Charles Strom, MD PhD

Wei Liao, PhD

Richard Bender, MD

About EZLife Bio

Founded in 2016, EZLife Bio wants to rethink how molecular diagnostics is done with the EFIRM platform. We are dedicated to transforming the landscape of molecular testing. Our technology is published and credentialed, and we seek to back up our product assertions with rigorous and thorough attention to scientific data. We're hoping to

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